Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trading/bartering is so cool

I drove some more extra seedlings to our friends at the store Hooked on Dogs in Red Hook today and was surprised to get what I was going to buy as a trade! I would have given them the plants for free but it was so nice to get something in return! I got cat food, some raw food for both the cats and Coleman, and a new Kong and some bones for Coleman.
We are super lucky that Kara and Nadja opened Hooked on Dogs just as we got to town. It is the coolest dog store ever. I actually don't know what we would be doing without them. Right now they are fostering a dog named Thelma who used to be one of my project dogs at Animal Farm Foundation where I volunteer. She is an amazing dog. If you know anyone who wants the perfect frisbee dog............Just take a look at her in her video!


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