Monday, June 22, 2009

Spending time with the dogs

Since moving up here I've been volunteering at Animal Farm Foundation every week. I go every Friday to walk my four "project dogs" and I try to go to as many training classes as I can on Thursdays. Volunteers get project dogs assigned to them to spend time with and walk until they are adopted so you get to know your dogs really well.... unless of course they get adopted right away. I have had the pleasure of having Jasmine as a project dog for a while now. She originally came in with her puppies but they all got scooped up right away. Why people favor puppies over adult dogs, I will never understand. Sure they are rolly poly and have fat little cute tummies and stumble around and chew on you (wait is that fun?), but they take up soooo much more time and they get into all sorts of trouble, chewing on dangerous wires etc, pee and poo everywhere....... I personally will take an adult dog over a puppy any day. If I had more money I would adopt Momma Jaz in a second.She is so sweet and she lets me hug her, even though you aren't really supposed to hug dogs since they don't really like it, and she likes to sniff at my face which I like, and the way she hops instead of runs after toys is so funny. I love her. I wish someone would hurry up and come take her home. She's been waiting her turn.


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hodge podge said...

AAAWWWW! what a cutie... and the place looks like heaven! i can't wait until i can rescue a dog; you know you're the first person i will come to when the time is right ;n)