Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things learned in the garden so far....

1) I thought I liked radishes, I think they are pretty for sure, but I don't like them enough to grow them myself.
2) I thought I liked spinach, but not enough to grow it myself.
3) Do not use coconut coir by itself as seedling growing medium. I already knew this but someone at the fancy gardening store swore you could do it - she is wrong.
4) I like growing lettuce and I eat enough of it to keep growing. Good to have for the turtles.
5) I love growing tomatoes.
6) Do not try to grow anything after a cover crop of winter rye for at least 2 months.
7) Start pansy seeds even earlier than the packet says to.
8) Garlic grows well here...(so far)
9) Snakes love to hang out under the black plastic mulch.
10) Winter sow as many varieties as possible instead of under lights.

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