Friday, June 19, 2009

Japanese people are really good at merchandising

I am so out of touch with cool stuff. I only just found out about the new theatrical release of Evangelion 2.0 that comes out in a few days in Japan. They REALLY know how to milk just one story. This will be the same overall story as both the television series and End of Evangelion but it will be tricked out and have extra scenes. This one is part 2 of 4 new movies. I haven't seen part one Evangelion 1.11 - it just came out on DVD last month in Japan.

And they have SO many things to buy! T-shirts, watches, sneakers, soccer balls, i-pod covers, jewelry..... I am tempted to ask my dad to buy me some gear but I am trying very hard to contain myself. This is what I want.


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