Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turtle crossings

Since we've moved, we've been trying our best to save turtles that are crossing roads. They've mostly been Eastern Painted turtles but today I was able to help a Wood Turtle cross a busy road. In a weird way, because they are slow moving, it's easier for cars to avoid them I think but there are big trucks that might not see them and mean people so it's best to move them in the direction they were going to safety. I love turtles! They are so cool.
(picture above was not something I took. stolen off the web.)

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Lisa Tatsuko said...

Hi Hanna, it's Lisa from Printz Photography! I just happened upon your blog, and love this post! I stop for as many turtles as I can too, and growing up, my mother who is Nihonjin would always stop too. She said not only was it a good deed, but that Kame bring Okane. (Turtles bring good fortune/money, not that the two are always synonymous!)