Sunday, July 5, 2009


No more rain please. This weekend was so nice and mild and sunny. Could we please have some more of that?

We were invited to a 4th of July party at the home of Jane Berkey, who owns the shelter I volunteer at. I had never been up the hill far enough to see the other areas where she keeps her horses and the back of her house. It is so gorgeous! My favorite part of her house was her pool surrounded by huge white Hydrangeas and flowing ferns. Jane had hidden ping pong balls all around her back yard and pool area and if you found any, you got a prize. Prizes ranged from $1 to $100! I got one of the bigger prizes which was a funny dog saying t-shirt and a $25 gift certificate. We had lots of food, played croquet, and hung out with smoe nice folks and some cutie dogs that were busy socializing. (a few of the shelter dogs)

Today we cleared out the peas to make room to plant something else and harvested some broccoli, small onions, purple kohlrabi, and of course a HUGE haul of snap peas which I froze in ten ziplock bags. The rain made the tomatoes a little fungus-y so we cut away the infected areas and I am hoping they will make it. NO MORE RAIN PLEASE.


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