Friday, July 31, 2009

Tomato season bummer

What could have been!!! If only we hadn't had so much freakin' rain. I am looking at a raised garden that is sitting in two inches of water. It's horrible. Most of the tomatoes have or will get blossom end rot or the plant will end up with blight or some other fungal infection if it hasn't already. The plants are FILLED with green toms and I cannot look forward to them all getting ripe and juicy. So sad.
Above is a picture of one miracle Nyagous tomato that ripened this past weekend. The only heirloom that I planted that looks like I might get a handful of ripe fruit. The other two that are still doing their best to survive are the Sungold and Baby Beefsteak.

Next year I'll plant my toms in containers so I can move them to higher ground if need be.........

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