Thursday, May 29, 2008

New meds

These are Ichigo's new meds. We thought doing injections everyday was hard enough but now we have to give these orally plus one more that we have to buy at the drug store. I am dreading it. After taking radiographs the vet said that her lungs were clear. But what the doctor explained while showing us the x-rays was that her intestines are backed up and she's very bloated so she thinks that because she's a rescue and didn't eat for sometime, then ate a bunch, that her intestines are not pushing everything out properly and she is very backed up and either she is sort of throwing up or just letting out lots of gas from her mouth. She only had one day since we've gotten her that she actually pooped proper poop and that was only a few days ago so she said there could still be lots of whatever she was eating a month ago before we even got her, still inside.
Sooooo, what you see above is
Reglan, which is supposed to increase muscle contractions in the upper intestine, and Lactulose which is for constipation.

If anyone has any good and fun ideas for fund raising please post them because the visit today was very expensive.



Keith Rocka (neƩ Knittel) said...

hanna- you guys are so amazing for doing all of this for ichigo. wish i could send money, but i'm kind of broke - but - i was thinking that you should do an ebay art auction... call in favors from all little cakes affiliates? if you did it on ebay, you wouldn't have to deal with collecting the work and shipping it and such- just have everyone do it themselves? or would that be too complicated? anyways, just a thought. or design "go ichigo" t shirts!

Hanna said...

hmmm ebaying sounds like an interesting idea. i did think of making shirts since our three legegd dog shirts did so well last year but then i have to put out more money to get them printed....
in any case i think i'll try to put something together in june since i will be less busy in july.
thanks for the ideas and donation!