Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ichigo is finally eating. Our friend Amanda brought some fish she cooked that had been inside some sushi and we tried that and it worked like magic. The down side to this is that she now poops lots of mucky stuff. We hadn't bothered to get a filter before since we were already cleaning the tub out every day to take showers. So today I had to go get a water filter. I haven't figured out if she likes the noise of falling water or if it annoys her.......
I also had to get one more round of antibiotics because her nose is still just a wee bit runny and because one of the last shots backfired and shot back out at ME instead of into Ichigo's arm.
We are now down $75 because of these two things so if anyone is reading this and hasn't yet donated and would like to we could use more help.
You can paypal us at goodies (at) littlecakes (dot) org
or send a check made out to Hanna Fushihara and send to
625 East 6th Street #1B
New York, NY 10009
Thanks for your consideration.

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