Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our new foster

Ichigo came to us as a rescue from Chinatown. She is a large female, around 10 inches long. She came to us with pneumonia and possible septicemia. We had to use our bathtub for her habitat as she is aquatic. This is a picture of her when we first got her. We keep a red heat lamp on for her at night because she is sick and needs extra warmth. She is receiving .1ml of Naxcel antibiotics every day.
We first purchased two heat lamps, uvb light, two special light fixtures with ceramic bases, water heater, turtle dock, water conditioner, turtle pellets, and had one vet visit plus a round of antibiotics. Thanks to the following folks we were able to cover these purchases; John Halbreich, Jaiko Suzuki, Moriah Carlson, Ryan Compton, Brock Pennington, Siri Wilson, Evah Fan, Faye Lozowski & Dave Dvorchak, Elyse Allen, Emi Kariya, Diego Hadis, Keith McCulloch, Shayna Kipping, George W Myers, Pamela Stark, Paul Kim, Ines & Justice.

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