Monday, March 15, 2010

Tyson & Pigeons

I just read that there is going to be a new show on Animal Planet starting next year about Mike Tyson and flying/racing pigeons. I'm excited that people are going to get to see a side of pigeons that they probably never saw before but since I've rescued (and many others have rescued) banded homers that owners didn't care to have back because they never made it home by themselves, my excitement is tinged with a little apprehension. I know that Mike Tyson has been known for a long time to be a big pigeon fancier as I read in Andrew Blechman's "Pigeons :The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird" but I wonder what the show will really be like. I wonder if they are doing homers or tipplers or flights....... I always miss seeing pigeons now that we live out in the country. Here are some pictures of my past pigeon friends....

Manuel - my first pigeon love RIP

Falafel - (banded NY Flight) who I fostered and got into a home with a rich florist

Mr Midtown - (banded Homer) who I gave to a woman who keeps pigeons on her balcony in Tribeca

Sprite, Stumpy, and Sonny - a family of pigeons I fed every morning in my backyard on 6th street



Kara said...

If you need a pigeon fix, we have a ton in our hay barn. Let me know if you would like to visit them.

Hanna said...

I might have to take you up on that one of these days. I think pigeons are so cool.... look at this pigeon who was fostering baby bunnies!!