Friday, September 25, 2009

Orange Julius the baby vole

This is Orange Julius. Dave found him in Tink's mouth yesterday but Tink let him go so Dave put him in a box in his studio till I got home from the city. We bought some baby formula and have been trying to feed him from the tip of a paint brush but sometimes I can't tell if he's eating or not. He's under a heat lamp to keep him warm and he has lots of cozy blankets and a cardboard tunnel to hide if he wants. I spoke to a rehabber this morning and this is about the best I can do for now. His chances of survival aren't very good but that has never stopped me from trying. Even before Ichigo there was Manuel, a young pigeon that had a broken back that I tried to save. The rehabbers said 10% chance he'll make it and we tried but ultimately he never fully recovered. I loved him soooo much.
Anyway, this little guy is still alive so far so we're gonna keep trying to do what we can. He is super cute and really teany tiny.

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