Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have a handsome feral cat named Henry that lives under our porch. He was a new addition to the landscape in the winter and I guess we had good food and a dry place for him to hang out so he stayed. I like to call him the troll under the bridge because he doesn't like us looking at him unless he is under the porch. Today I caught him sunning himself on the table on the patio but I was looking out the window so he didn't notice me.
I trapped him and got him neutered a while ago. He wasn't happy about his two days in the trap but it was all for the best. The other outdoor cats on the property are all fixed but you never know how far they might roam in search of a cat in heat.... There has been a noticeable drop in the cat fight sounds we used to hear out in the field at night. I assume it is partially because we got Henry fixed. Not sure who he was fighting with out there. I wonder if it was this orange tabby Dave had named Buckingham. He hung out here for a few weeks and then left.

Anyway, Henry is a part of the family now. We'll make him an insulated shelter before the end of the year.


matthew said...

can't blame buckingham. i caught up with him for an interview.

MATT: hey buckingham how was that bed and breakfast upstate?

BUCKINGHAM: the people are cool, the food is good, the housing 4 star. but then they kidnap you for two days and when you wake up your nuts and urge to fight are gone. i bolted first chance i got.(but i do feel a lot healthier and won't die of feline leukemia and stuff like that )"

seriously though, this blog is awesome. say hi to henry for me! :)
- matt

Peter said...

Sorry I have not kept up. It appears that everything is going well for you up there. The plants, animals, and Dave and yourself are all doing well. I hope too see you soon. We miss you tons.