Thursday, May 28, 2009

First non-turtle post

Hey! So our first non-turtle post. Ichi will make guest appearances but since she is all better now, and I was trying to think of a new blog name for a regular ole' blog, I just decided to change the nature of this one. Anyway, so if you haven't already heard, I am head over heels about growing things, even more so than when I only had a small shady community garden plot in the city. I over did it with my seed starting earlier this year and ended up with way too may to plants. I've given away some to friends and also exchanged them for things. Above are about twenty tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants I traded someone for some eggs from her chickens. I don't eat eggs but I figured my dog likes them and that is what she had extra of so it was a good trade. Here is Muncho checking them out. He thinks he wants them till they are in his bowl , then he doesn't want them anymore so he won't get any.

We also traded tomato plants with our friend Colleen and we got candied popcorn and no-knead bread. They were both so delicious that we didn't get a chance to photograph them before we devoured them. She seriously needs to go commercial with her baked goods.....

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