Monday, June 9, 2008

The tube is in

Sorry the picture isn't so great. I couldn't get the flash to go off for some reason. Anyway, Ichigo went to the vet today to get the tube placed in her throat/stomach. It is much less awful than I imagined and it was pretty easy to give her meds and food. She is getting a stronger muscle contracting medication for her intestines, still getting the laxative and gas-x, and eye drops. (but not in the tube of course) We pureed romaine lettuce from the back yard, cooked yams, a little banana, chicken, fish, and soaked turtle pellets which was also injected. We do this for five days and then check in with the doctor again.
She is very alert and not breathing as heavily from the mouth so things are looking good. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to Debra Ziss for her donation today!

PS - While we were waiting at the vet's office today one of the staff members was telling me about a 45 pound snapping turtle that came in last week. She said that it belonged to the NY Turtle & Tortoise society and that they had rescued it years ago from the docks where it was by-catch caught in a fishing net. It lives in Brooklyn now but I guess it came in because it stopped eating. The vets told the Turtle Society people about Ichigo too, about how she was the biggest Red Ear Slider they've had in the clinic ever.

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