Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Resistance is futile

We've decided that Ichigo's new look is very Borg. Hugh was my favorite Borg (above left) but Dave has been calling her Locutus.... No poo today which is slightly disconcerting. If there is no poo in the water by tomorrow I'll call the vet to see if we should still be pumping food in.

A very big Thank You! to Melissa Chan for her large donation. I have a feeling she understood how much money was going in to Ichigo's vet care because she works at the Houston SPCA as the Behavior and Training Coordinator. When she worked as the Behaviorist at Animal Care and Control here in Manhattan, I spent a year assisting her doing dog evaluations. Very valuable experience for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

We are still down hundreds of dollars so if any of you would like to spread the word about Ichigo's blog feel free to. When I have more time in July I am definitely going to implement some sort of fundraiser.

In non-Ichigo but somewhat related news, Friday is National Pigeon Day of which I am a committee member of. I am baking vegan cookies in the shape of doves/pigeons to give away at the event in Central Park. You can read about all the speakers and performers etc at

I love underdogs..........

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