Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dreary Dayz

Snowing and raining for the past five days. The soil is mushy and it looks like I'll be wearing rain/snow boots for the next few weeks.

One of our outdoor cats Henry has fallen sick, probably because of the weather. He has been curled up in his insulated cat house since yesterday. I got him to eat a kitty vitamin today but he doesn't have his usual voracious appetite. If he doesn't perk up in the next day or two maybe we'll have to take him to the vet. But it's probably just a cold.....hopefully.
Looking forward to the sun.


cal said...

even though it's dreary, that top pic sure is purty! sorry poor henry's not feeling well. do you have power? i don't so i'm at jill's...

Hanna said...

luckily we have power right now although we lost power for about 12 hours a few days ago. hoping it doesn't go out again.