Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coleman Fushihara CGC!

Here in the photo I'm just holding up our class graduation certificate but... Coleman passed his Canine Good Citizen test tonight! I am very happy and Coleman doesn't know the difference. We have had a long journey, Coleman and me. He's been my only constant companion for more than a decade and I've learned so much about forgiveness, patience, and love from him. I am positively sure that without him, I would not have the self confidence or the compassion that I know I've gained in these past ten or more years that I lacked to varying degrees before. He is my love.


hodge podge said...

WAY TO GO COLE!!! we never doubted you could do it. congrats and love from me & gertie!

Jeff said...

congrats to you two, sounds like you both are richer for having made the journey together!

Jeff in Kobe