Monday, September 8, 2008

Ichi is sick!!!!

Now Ichi's eyes are all puffy and closed shut! The vet that we had been seeing in NYC has given Dave who happened to be in the city today new eye drop medication but I am so worried! She looks so miserable and in pain. Please pray for her.
The last few days we have been trying to figure out what was causing it and haven't been able to pinpoint anything. I wish she could tell us what is wrong.


Paku said...

Hi Hanna. I read somewhere that puffy and red eyes of turtle is sign that he/she is lacking in vitamin A. Cure for this is to give her vitamin A and eyedrops and to make sure vitamin A is included in her food. Don't know if this is true in her case but just thought I'd inform you of what I know. Good luck!

Daveen said...

Sometimes its the lights, but if she gets outside daylight sometimes,idk.